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About us

Our focus is on processing whey from the Alpine region and surrounding countries into whey protein and lactose powder of various certifications. We emphasize on quality – and that right from the beginning where it starts with our raw materials. We operate a variety of production lines enabling us to produce milk- and whey-based products that meet the highest of quality standards.

Flat hierarchies, flexible production planning and in-depth technical expertise are our distinguishing qualities when it comes to processing your raw materials into consumer-oriented products.

Investing in the future

Continuous investments in systems engineering, energy generation and processing technologies are our highest priority so that we can ensure a high degree of innovation and maximum flexibility. The majority of our production lines are independently engineered and implemented with our in-house maintenance team.

This is how we can ensure that, in addition to conventional powder products, we can also produce niche products such as butter serum powder, hydrolysates and special infant food powders safely and efficiently.

Our own products

Our own products are sold to the food processing industry both locally and worldwide.

The food processing industry utilises our products as ingredients in amongst others dairy products, sausages, baked goods and confectionery, baby formula, sports nutrition and beverages.

Our products are used as auxiliaries in the pharmaceutical industry.

Control RoomContract manufacturing

We have established a second business focus in contract manufacturing. We refine our customers’ raw materials into highly functional milk and whey derivatives in line with their requirements. Also here we specialise, as we do with our own products, in manufacturing spray-dried powder products. In addition to conventional cow’s milk, we also process sheep’s and goat’s milk into high-quality powder products.